What Our Families Have To Say!

"The Music Together® class is so much fun - even for my 4-month old baby. He loves watching all the kids sing and dance and is always totally worn out afterwards! I can't wait to see him become one of those "older kids" and watch him dance all over the room!" - Alicia

"My two year old son absolutely loves his weekly music class! Tina is so lively and animated that my son hardly takes his eyes off of her during the class! I can't think of a better way to introduce music into his life." - Seema 


We started Music Together when my daughter was four months. I was a little worried she was too young and would not get much out of it. I was wrong! She has thrived in class and always has a smile on her face. Not only is she enjoying the songs and instruments, but she is observing and learning from the older children. We carry over the songs into our house and car. If she is fussy, we can always count on singing the "Hello Song" or playing the CD in the car to calm her down!! I've been so impressed by our teacher and her obvious passion for the program. I love how she includes and incorporates any and all suggestions from the children no matter how "out there" they are. I know it makes them each feel special! She also does a great job informing the parents and caregivers on the research behind the songs. So great for a first time mom like myself! I brag on the program to anyone who will listen. So glad to have found Memorial Music Together!  - HollyAnne